The stock market is volatile like never before with triple-digit moves day after day, yet so-called "safe" investments -- CDs, Treasurys, money-market funds -- have rock-bottom yields.  Still, investors need to boost returns and make their portfolios grow.  But how?  We can help.
We manage portfolios for both income- and growth-oriented investors.  That is all we do.  We don't sell insurance, annuities or load mutual funds.  Simply put, we help clients generate better portfolio returns. 
If you want or need more income from your portfolio and you find the market's volatility unsettling, our managed program deserves a closer look. 


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Portfolio Information
  • Reduced Risk Income Portfolios predominately invests in high yielding income-based securities. This portfolio holds better-rated vehicles that offer yields well above the money market and CD rates. Specific higher-yielding stocks may also be held.  Each portfolio is tailored to meet the individual client's needs and is therefore appropriate for one's entire portfolio.



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